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Peekskill, NY
Promised Land
Operation Guest
Neither Here Nor There
The Googlegänger
Get Lost!
Déjà Visité
Stretchin a Dollar
The Betsy Ross Trilogy
The Visual Topography of a Generation Gap
Republican National Convention 2012, March on the R.N.C., Tampa, FL
PREV / NEXT 1/10
"Rec-elections (Romney Great for 68', RNC, #1)"
site-specific performance (Tampa, FL), protest signs, offset posters, silk
screened t-shirts, photographic documentation
variable dimensions

Project Description

The weaponization of nostalgia, and the language of myth are tools of
manipulation that are deployed every four years within American presidential

Rec-elections is an ongoing project which critically challenges this language by
appropriating historical presidential campaign posters and inserting them back
into the context of presidential elections through site-specific performances,
interventions, and prints. The project reveals a romanticized American myth that
is built on ideas of manifest destiny and which has come to be solidified in
cultural memory.

This first iteration of Rec-elections began as a campaign of site-specific
performances and interventions which took place during the 2012 presidential
election in New York City and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.
Appropriated historical presidential campaign posters like the Romney 68’ poster
were re-inserted back into the context of the 2012 Presidential election through
television interviews, press photos which circulated online, and performances in
protest marches and rallies at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.
Additionally, posters were wheat pasted around New York City.