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"Déjà Visité"

The term Déjà Visité, meaning (already visited) defines one of the three nuances of
Déjà Vu and refers to geography and spatial dimensions.

The "Déjà Visité" project are nomadic site-specific interventions, where postcards
from the past are returned to their original place of postmark. These gestures
complete a loop and journey through time, at times over 100 years long.
The postcards are placed back into local postcard racks alongside the contemporary
postcards of the present-day.
Appropriating this form of advertising for the tourism industry, this gesture reveals the
history of a site, as well as the politics of space, illuminating how the space has
transformed economicallly, socially, and politically through time.

The postcards are acquired from online auction sites, which are then shipped to my
current location, scanned for reproduction, then returned back into the public.
Déjà Visité (Johnson, VT)
Déjà Visité (New York City, NY)
Déjà Visité (Los Angeles, CA)
Déjà Visité (Sarasota, FL)
Déjà Visité (Halifax, NS)
Déjà Visité (Mexico City, D.F.)
"Déjà Visité (NYC)", Install view, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY